About Depck Oil Tools

During the 1970’s, A.B. “Augie” Baumstimler developed and patented the DEPCK Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer, The DEPCK Hydrostatic Tubing Bailer is a well bore cleanout tool which is utilized on the tubing or drill string. The tool consists of a series of valves which are placed into the tubing string according to particular well conditions. The DEPCK Tubing Bailer is the fastest and safest method to clean out sand and debri on the market today.

The patented improvements of the DEPCK Tubing Bailer provide maximum results in various well conditions. The many benefits include the ability to regulate hydrostatic pressure of any depth well, pull a dry string, cleanout above and retrieve a bridge plug, leave liner hangers intact, junk removal and cleanout below a drillable packer. On wells that will not circulate or have a low fluid level, a load of water may be pumped into the well for successful cleanout operation. In many cases with a single trip of tubing, the DEPCK Bailer can remove 100, 200 feet or more of casing fill. This is the DEPCK Bailers’ greatest benefit, getting the well into production in the least possible time.